2016 Championship Websites Are Up

The 2016 Championship website are now up with information to help you plan for the competition.  As more information becomes available we will pass it along.

  • 2016 Region VIII Championship – April 7-10, 2016 in Jekyll Island, GA
  • 2016 JO National Championship – May 3-10, 2016 in Battle Creek, MI

Regional VIII and USAG Update

2016 Region VIII Championship Allotment Information

Once again it is that time of year that we need to get your gyms number of athletes at each level.  This form will serve as BOTH YOUR GYM ALLOTMENT INFORMATION AS WELL AS YOUR STATE CHAMPIONSHIP ENTRY FORM.  All level 4 – 10 athletes in your club that will be competing at the state championship need to be listed on this form. This information will be used to determine the number of athletes your respective state has at the 2016 Region 8 Championship.  The state allotment numbers are determined prior to state championships based on the numbers from the sheets returned to the state chairman NOT the number of athletes at state championship.  In addition, the number of Level 8 – 10 athletes will help to determine Region 8 allotment for the 2016 JO National Championship as per the JOPC mandate.

2016 General Club Allotment And State Meet Entry Form
Form Must Be Emailed to your State Chairman no later than Monday, February 1

A gym that does not turn in this form to their state chairman by the required date, will void their athletes opportunity to attend the 2016 Region 8 Championship not their athletes opportunity to attend State Championship.   (Late entries will void an athletes opportunity to attend the 2016 Region 8 Championship.)

USA Gymnastics State High School Championship

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and USA Gymnastics, have joined forces to expand boys high school gymnastics opportunities across the country. To complement the existing state high school gymnastics programs, USA Gymnastics is activating its national network to create a state championships framework that works in concert with local high schools, school districts and state associations. The USA Gymnastics Men’s Program has also produced a “How To” manual to help clubs establish a High School Boys Program for all of their competitive High School age athletes. The Boys High School Manual covers all of the steps necessary to establish a gymnastics program relationship with local high schools and school districts.

We are excited to announce that this year each state in Region VIII will  be hosting a State High School Gymnastics Championship in conjunction with your state championship as part of USA Gymnastics High School Gymnastics initiative.

For More Information Regarding High School Gymnastics, please visit the links below:

USAG Academic All-America Recognition – Due February 1

In order to be eligible for the USA Gymnastics Academic All-American Recognition award, you must be a USA Gymnastics student athletes with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Home schooled athletes are also eligible.

  • The required application and certification must be submitted to the USA Gymnastics Men’s Program Manager by February 1, with a $20.00 per gymnast processing fee. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  • Academic All-American applications are to be completed online.
  • Link to Application: http://www.usagymallamerican.com (Also link on the sidebar)
NCAA Release Form

The NCAA Release of Information form is now electronic. No NCAA Release forms will be collect at Regional Championship.  Parents need to complete the online NCAA-release for any Level 8 – Level 10 athletes vying for a shot to JO Nationals

National Coaches Workshop and Future Stars Update

2015 National Future Stars Qualification Procedure

The qualification procedure for the 2015 National Future Stars Championship has been posted.  In order to attend the National Championship, you must qualify at the Region 8 Future Stars Evaluation.  Current manuals and procedures can be found by clicking link below:

Future Stars Qualification Procedures and Current Manuals

 2015 National Men’s Coaches Workshop

This is one of the premier men’s coaches workshops offered in the country.  It will take place November 12-15 in conjunction with the National Future Stars Championship.  Click on the link below to get to all information regarding the Coaches Workshop

2015 National Coaches Workshop Information


Region 8 Clinic and Future Stars Evaluation

Region 8 Optional Clinic

The 2015 Region 8 Optional Clinic will take place the weekend of September 26-27, 2015 at Roswell Gymnastics in Roswell, GA.  The Region 8 Clinic is an opportunity for gymnast who will be competing Level 8 – 10 during the 2015-2016 season to work with our regions Master Coaching Staff.

Region 8 Optional Clinic Information

Region 8 Compulsory Clinic 

The Region 8 compulsory clinic scheduled for October 26-27 has been CANCELLED.  It has come to attention that Florida, North and South Carolina are having judges courses the same weekend as our clinic. On behalf of our Region 8 Coaching Staff and the regional chairman, we will try and do better next year.

 Region 8 Future Stars / Technical Sequence Evaluation

The 2015 Technical Sequence / Regional Future Stars Evaluation will be held October 10-11th, 2015, at Sun Country Gymnastics in Gainesville, Fl.  The Regional Future Stars Evaluation will serve as the qualifying evaluation for National Future Stars held at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Region 8 Future Stars / Technical Sequence Evaluation Information

Elite Team Information / RAL Reports

Region 8 Elite Team

We want to congratulate the members of the 2015-2016 Region 8 Elite Team.  The Region 8 Elite Team Camp will take place June 25-28, 2015 at Roswell Gymnastics in Roswell, GA.  Members were selected based off the All-Around Results at the 2015 Region 8 Championship. All Elite Team Members who want to attend must send in their forms no later than April 28th. Any questions regarding the Elite Team need to be sent via email to Jim Hisey or Kevin White.

All Forms Can Be Found On The 15-16 Region 8 Elite Team Page

2015 Region 8 RAL Judging Reports

We want to thank our outstanding judges for their hardwork and great judging at the 2015 Region 8 Championship.  The Regional Apparatus Leaders (RAL’s) have completed their reports from the competition based on what they saw and judged. If you have questions regarding the reports or would like additional information please email the Region 8 JO Technical Director, Mitch Griffin.

To view the reports, please visit the 2015 Region 8 Judge’s Report Page.

2015 Region VIII Championship / JO National Information

2015 Region VIII Championship Information


The 2015 Region VIII Championship will be held the weekend of April 9th – 12, 2015 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The host club, The Gymnastics Revolution (TGR),  The Final Schedule has been posted to the Championship Website.  You can find it by click either link below

2015 Region VIII Championship Website (Takes the website)
2015 Region VIII Championship FINAL Schedule (Takes directly to schedule)

2015 JO National Information

The 2015 JO National Qualification and Website are now up.  All clubs must complete a club entry form and a NCAA Release for each athlete that will be attending JO National.  Links to all document and website are below as well as on the sidebar to the left.

2015 General Allotment Form and State Meet Entry Form – Due January 31

Once again it is that time of the year that we need to get the number of athletes from your club to determine your state allotment for Region 8 Championship.  However, there is a slight change to this year form and the gathering of information.  This year the JOPC has mandated that each region send in their number of Level 8-10 gymnast to them by February 5.  With this mandate from the JOPC, the Region 8 Board has decided to make a slight adjustment to how we get the number of athletes at each level for each club the following changes to the gather club numbers to not only get our allotmented numbers to the Region 8 Championship, but also ensure we pass along the most accurate numbers to the JOPC.
For this reason, the general allotment form that you send in will also serve as your clubs state meet entry form.  Each state chairman will let you know how to handle fees associated with the state championship.  This form simple gives them the athletes competing in the meet.  By sending in the athletes in your club that will be competing at the state championship, we will have the most accurate numbers possible to determine each states allotment numbers as well as numbers to send in to the JOPC.  The forms must be returned to your state chairman no later than January 31st in order to ensure your athletes to be eligible to attend the 2015 Region 8 Championship.  
Important Information To Read and Understand Regarding This Form:
  1. You must USE the form (2015 General Allotment Form / State Meet Entry Form)
  2. A state allotted number of athletes is based on the total number of athletes turned in our form.
  3. A gym that does not turn in the form or athletes  are not listed on the form by the required date, will void the gyms or specific athletes opportunity to attend the 2015 Region 8 Championship, but they will still be allowed to attend the State Championship.
  4. All Level 4 – 10 athletes that will be competing at the state championship must be listed on the form.  ONLY Level 5-10 will be eligible to attend the Region 8 Championship.  The level 4 need to be listed as this also is the state championship entry form.
    • If an athlete is unable to compete in states due to an injury, but you plan to petition him to Regionals he MUST be listed on the form
    • For Level 8 -10, you will need to indicate whether they will be competing Junior Olympic (JO) or Junior Elite (JE)
  5. If your club does not return the form or it is not filled out accurately, it will cost your athletes their spot at the 2015 Region 8 Championship
 If you have any questions about the form, please email Benji Stern (ncmensgymnastics@gmail.com). We thank you for your prompt attention to returning your form.

Region 8 Clinic and Future Stars Scores

We have posted the following information in regards to the Region 8 Clinic and the Region 8 Future Stars / Technical Sequence Evaluation.  Make sure to visit the respective pages to get the most up to date information


We have posted the final schedule and gym breakdown for each group. Also, you can find hotel information for the weekend.  Links are on the Region 8 Clinic page as well as on the sidebar.

Region 8 Future Stars and Technical Sequence Evaluation SCORES

SCORES FOR THE 2014 FUTURE STARS REGION 8 CHAMPIONSHIP are now posted.  A link is under the tab for the Region 8 Future Stars and Technical Sequence Tab

We have posted the final schedule, USAG National Future Stars qualification procedure, all neccessary form that must be completed for those who qualify to the National Future Stars Championship.  All the links for the documents can be found on the Region 8 Future Stars and Technical Sequence Evaluation page as well as on the sidebar.