2014 Region 8 Qualification Procedure

2014 Region 8 Qualification Document
(Document includes State Allotment Numbers)

The qualification procedure for the 2014 Region 8 Championship have been established. Below are the 2 options for qualification for 2014 Region 8 Championship.

 Method of Qualification: State Allotment

The Region VIII Board has determined that we will be using an allotment system for athletes to qualify to the 2014 Region VIII Championship.   Questions regarding state allotment need to be addressed to your state chairman as they are responsible for compiling state totals to send into the Regional Chairman.


  • There is not a qualifying score for this year’s championship instead; we are using an allotment system.
  • The allotment numbers for each state is based on the number of athletes turned in to their respective state chairman on the clubs allotment form that was due January 24.
  • Gymnast may only qualify at their respective state championships who were listed on clubs allotment forms.
  • Qualifying athletes will be determined by rank order in the all-around during the State Championship.
    • All athletes that qualify must register and pay at the state championship.
    • If a qualified athlete chooses not to attend, the state chairman will go to the next athlete in the all-around to fill their allotment number.

State Allotment Numbers can be found on the 2014 Region 8 Qualification Procedure Document (Link above and also a link on the left side of the page)

Second Method of Qualification: Petition

Petitions to the Region VIII Championship may be submitted to the State Chairman in the event of an injury.  The State Charmin will send all petitions to the Regional Chairman for evaluation and approval.  Petitions will be very strictly evaluated. Petitions without the required supporting documentations will not be considered.

  • Petitions must be turned in at the State Championship and  petition athletes must pay for Regional Championship at the State Championship.
  • Petitions that are not approved will receive a refund.

A completed petition should include an INJURY PETITION FORM, scores from 2 USAG Sanction Meets during the 2013 – 2014  season, and the doctor’s note specifying the injury and date gymnast is cleared for participation.

  • Petitions that for some reason are not able to be completed and turned in at the state championship, will be accepted until Monday, March 24.
  • Please note that the athlete must still be paid for at your respective state championship
  • Mail completed petitions to:
    Kevin White
    142 Apple Blossom Dr
    Brandon, MS 39047

Questions regarding petitions can be directed to your state chairman or Kevin White, Region 8 Chairman, at kevnastics1@yahoo.com or 601-955-4558