General Club Allotment Form

2014 General Club Allotment Form – Protected

Once again it is that time of year that we need to get your gyms number of athletes at each level.  This information will be used to determine the number of athletes your respective state has at the 2014 Region 8 Championship.  Your respective state allotment numbers are determined prior to state championships based on the numbers from the sheets returned to the state chairman NOT the number of athletes at state championship.  In addition, the number of Level 8 – 10 athletes will help to determine Region 8 allotment for the 2014 JO National Championship.  The form must be emailed back to your respective state chairman no later than January 24.

Important Information To Better Understand the Importance of this Form:  A state allotted number of athletes is based on the total number of athletes turned in on these forms NOT the number of athletes registered for state championship.  A gym that does not turn in this form to their state chairman by the required date, will void their athletes opportunity to attend the 2013 Region 8 ChampionshipEntry into state championship does not automatically guarantee them a spot within the state allotted number.  All Level 5 – 10 athletes must be listed on the form.  If an athlete is not on the form, then they are not eligible to attend 2014 Region 8 Championship. Again, if your club does not return the form or does not fill it out accurately, it will cost your athletes their spot at the 2013 Region 8 Championship.

Directions for Filling Out Form: Please ensure that this is filled out accurately and completely.  Incomplete or Inaccurate information will affect your states allotted number of athletes. (This is the same form that we used last year)

  1. Fill in Club Name, Club Number, and Club Contact Name and Email.
  2. Fill in the chart making sure to put all information correctly:
    1. Gymnast Name
    2. Level they will be competing at the 2013 State Championship
    3. All Level 8 – 10 gymnast are considered Junior Olympic (JO).  If they are attempting to be Junior Elite (JE) you need to mark them Junior Elite (JE).  This information will also be used to determine our Region 8 Allotment at 2014 Men’s JO National Championship.
    4. Birth date
    5. Age as of September 1, 2013
    6. Once you have ensured all information is completely and accurately filled out, save the file and email it to your respect state chairman.

If you have any questions regarding the form please email Benji Stern (, and any questions regarding the allotment process should be directed to Kevin White (