2015 General Allotment Form and State Meet Entry Form – Due January 31

Once again it is that time of the year that we need to get the number of athletes from your club to determine your state allotment for Region 8 Championship.  However, there is a slight change to this year form and the gathering of information.  This year the JOPC has mandated that each region send in their number of Level 8-10 gymnast to them by February 5.  With this mandate from the JOPC, the Region 8 Board has decided to make a slight adjustment to how we get the number of athletes at each level for each club the following changes to the gather club numbers to not only get our allotmented numbers to the Region 8 Championship, but also ensure we pass along the most accurate numbers to the JOPC.
For this reason, the general allotment form that you send in will also serve as your clubs state meet entry form.  Each state chairman will let you know how to handle fees associated with the state championship.  This form simple gives them the athletes competing in the meet.  By sending in the athletes in your club that will be competing at the state championship, we will have the most accurate numbers possible to determine each states allotment numbers as well as numbers to send in to the JOPC.  The forms must be returned to your state chairman no later than January 31st in order to ensure your athletes to be eligible to attend the 2015 Region 8 Championship.  
Important Information To Read and Understand Regarding This Form:
  1. You must USE the form (2015 General Allotment Form / State Meet Entry Form)
  2. A state allotted number of athletes is based on the total number of athletes turned in our form.
  3. A gym that does not turn in the form or athletes  are not listed on the form by the required date, will void the gyms or specific athletes opportunity to attend the 2015 Region 8 Championship, but they will still be allowed to attend the State Championship.
  4. All Level 4 – 10 athletes that will be competing at the state championship must be listed on the form.  ONLY Level 5-10 will be eligible to attend the Region 8 Championship.  The level 4 need to be listed as this also is the state championship entry form.
    • If an athlete is unable to compete in states due to an injury, but you plan to petition him to Regionals he MUST be listed on the form
    • For Level 8 -10, you will need to indicate whether they will be competing Junior Olympic (JO) or Junior Elite (JE)
  5. If your club does not return the form or it is not filled out accurately, it will cost your athletes their spot at the 2015 Region 8 Championship
 If you have any questions about the form, please email Benji Stern (ncmensgymnastics@gmail.com). We thank you for your prompt attention to returning your form.